2 years ago

24 September, 2015

San Remo Ballroom

Organised by:
Monash Science Society (MSS)

Come with me and you’ll be
In a world of pure imagination
Just one night, of candy delights
With Science and other fantabulous creations
Candy Canes and Champagne,
Beer and wine and other secret fascinations
Take a step but don’t forget
To get your tickets to our
One night only presentation

Yes you have heard right, The MSS Ball is back and ready for a night of sweetness, brightness, explosions and fun! For our ‘CANDYLAND’ themed ball this year we’re taking you to the candy shop, yes that’s right. Join us on the 24th September at 7:30pm for a night of unforgettable enjoyment and wicked boogying. If you’re lucky you might even meet your sweet, sugar candy man! It’s a night of delight, with indulgences to be had. Come as fancy or come as fun, it’s your choice don’t be outdone, if you dress just right on this night of nights, you might be picked for quite the delight!

This year for a change of scenery the MSS is hosting our annual ball at the famous San Remo Ballroom. Your ticket will entitle you to canapés upon arrival along with a three course meal and an unlimited supply of assorted BEER, WINE and BASIC SPIRITS. With an after party at the delicious Khokolat Bar in the city and a chocolate flavoured cocktail special for all of you, this night is sure to reach the early hours of the morning.

But how much would something this amazing cost me? Surely I won’t be able to afford this luxurious yet playful night!
INCORRECT! We are giving our tickets away for a mere;
$90 for Members.
$100 for Non-Members.
To ensure that you and all (that’s right, we mean all) of your friends can join us for the most delicious night of the year!

Entrances and exits are important, entrances to dazzle that special someone with your immaculate costume, and exits so you can get into bed and not spend your night vomit stained in the gutter.
That's why we've teamed up with Uber to get you home safely, with new riders getting $25 off!
Just download the app, hit the promotions tab and enter the code "uberMonashScienceBall"

Be sure to come past the MSS office as soon as possible to pick up your table form to ensure you get seated with all of your friends. Tables can seat up to 12 people.
But what if I don’t have 11 other people to sit with?
Don’t worry!! We will make sure that you have a full table to reach the highest levels of enjoyment possible from this amazing night!

To kick off such a phenomenal event we will be launching with style in the form of our highly desired MSS KEBABBQ!! But be careful, this KEBABBQ might be sweeter than your usual KEBABBQ, we hope you’re all prepared to get a taste of what the night will have in store for you!

To check out our launch event follow this link for the tastiest meat and sweets your mouth can imagine:

We hope to see you all there