2 years ago

19 November, 2015

The Bottom End

Organised by:
MSA Activities, SAS, MESS, MSS and Biomed

Now we’re getting to the end of semester means it’s finally that time...The BIGGEST after exams party in the state is FINALLY here and after a record sell out last semester we can guarantee it’ll be a night not to be missed!

MSA Activities, SAS, MESS, MSS and Biomed are teaming up again to bring you your favourite after exams party bigger and better (and with more drink specials) than ever!

Tickets will be available on the Lemon Scented Lawn Wednesday, October 7, from 12pm (Week 10) so be sure to get down there before it once again sells out!

Ticket prices:

$15 MSA/Club
$20 Non-MSA/Club
$25 on the door

Hope your exams have made you as thirsty as ours! Be sure to get down early to make the most of our drink deals:

$5 basics for the first hour
$5 Wet Pussies for the first hour
$3 pots of tiger
$7 basics (excluding tequila for the rest of the night)
$9 Activities, SAS, MESS, Science and Bio-med Cocktails