3 years ago

23 September, 2015

Leonda By The Yarra

Organised by:
Monash University Sri Lankan Cultural Club MUSLCC

MUSLCC Presents:


Long ago there lived a young Arabian Princess called Ahliya. Her beauty was known through the lands of the Middle East and beyond. She had all a princess could ever ask for, but she was unhappy, she had not found her one true love. Her Mother and Father, the King and Queen of Arabia sought the help of many wise men in order to relieve Ahliya of her unhappiness. However, they also continued to fail and their daughter Ahliya continued to be sad.

One day while strolling through the vast palace gardens she found a golden lamp. It was an enchanting, intricate lamp, full of carvings she did not understand, she could not help running her hand along its beautiful patterns. As she continued to be mesmerized by the lamp, there was a sudden enchanting noise and out popped a huge figure, it looked like a genie!

“You have 3 wishes, my dear, use them wisely".

Ahliya was shocked but she immediately knew what to wish for. "I wish to find my true love and I wish to be able to marry him,” she said.
The genie replied, "this can be arranged, but you must throw a grand ball at this palace to attract the Prince. This ball should be like none other before.”

Ahliya was overjoyed and she accepted.

“But you have one more wish, my dear,” the genie said.

Ahliya replied, "I wish for all my guests to feel the same joy as I will feel when I find my Prince…"

Roll out your magic carpets, on the 23rd of September, in preparation for a glamorous night at one of Melbourne’s finest venues; Leonda by the Yarra, amongst talented belly-dancers and the most skilled entertainers in the land.

Ahliya will shower her guests with an extravagant three-course meal made by the FINEST cooks in Arabia and UNLIMITED spirits! This surreal world of treasure and jewels will also be captured by none other than KK PHOTOGRAPHY.

You won’t want to miss this unforgettable night in the enchanted Arabia with Ahliya and the royal family …so make sure you get your tickets on time!!


Ball Line up will be held on Thursday 3rd of September, with details soon to follow so stay tuned!!
$90 Members
$100 Non-Members

Disclaimer: 18+ Event. Leonda by the Yarra abide by the Responsible Service of Alcohol. Valid Photo ID is required or you will be refused entry, without refund. Management reserves the right to refuse entry. Tickets are non refundable.


If you have any queries please do not hesitate to message the MUSLCC account.