3 years ago

13 May, 2015

Darkzone Box Hill

Organised by:
Society of Electrical Engineers

SMEE will be hosting a Laser Tag night on Wednesday the 13th of May at DarkZone in Box Hill. Pizza and soft drink shall be provided, so bring your friends and have a hands-on lesson in highly-collimated coherent light. Tickets are $12 for members and $17 for non-members. Before the games begin, we'll be having pizza in the party room, which will be at 6:00. The games themselves begin at 7:00 and there are four games, which should leave you sufficiently exhausted.

To fulfil requirements stipulated by Clubs & Societies, the official name of this event is: "Study in light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation in a low-light environment with (human) participants in a maze-like investigation into the depths of the psyche and using a combat-like stressful and physically draining situation with provided (non-real) weaponry to further analyse the week 10 emotional state of a given Monash engineering student specimen (NON-SOCIAL)"