1 year ago

22 March, 2017

16Rnf_ST1 (near Lecture theatres S9-12)

Organised by:
Environmental Engineering Society

The Monash Environmental Engineering Society would like to invite you to our OGM!
When: Wednesday, Week 4 (22nd of March) 12-1pm
Where: Room ST1 in 16 Rainforest Walk (aka Building 25)
Why: There will be FREE pizza and the chance to catch up with other members and the latest MEES news!
We will also be holding an election for two committee positions, so now is a great opportunity to join in on all the fun of being on committee!
A committee position looks great on your resume (helping you get a job both during and after uni!) and you get to be involved with organising social and academic events and in a relaxed and supportive team.

Positions available:
First Year Representative
Third Year Representative

The duties of the year-level representatives shall be to:
(i) Explore opportunities for recruiting members from respective year levels
(ii) Maintain data relating to membership numbers from respective year levels
(iii) Represent the interest of members from respective year levels at meetings. This may require active engagement with year-level members outside of meeting times, followed up with presentation of member interests and suggestions at committee meetings

If you would like to run for either of these positions, please prepare a short speech on the day. You just need to have been a member of MEES for at least five uni days before the OGM, and to be doing at least one of the appropriate year-level units this year. Feel free to message us for more info or to nominate yourself for either position. Pass this on to anyone who may be interested!