2 years ago

14 October, 2015

Lecture Theatre E7, Building 72

Organised by:
Engineering Students Society

The time has come! Your much loved committee members will once again need to be re-elected along with a number of lucky new faces, to form the Super 2016 MESS Committee.

Be sure you don't miss out on this round of hilarious speeches given by our MESS candidates, as they attempt to convince you as to why they should gain your vote. As always, ALL are invited and encourage to run for any position on committee. Bring all your friends to vote and have a crack!!

But what if I'm not running you ask? well FREE PIZZA, as always. We would like to call on all our members this year to to ensure a huge AGM is had.

So join us in E7 lecture theatre on Wednesday the 14th October. Where? It's the one near the Entrance of building 72, near the Engineering help desk. duh.

We love you and will see you there xoxoxoxoxxox

For those who wish to run:
Remember that you will be responsible for throwing the biggest parties for Monash students, meeting Industry representatives for possible job prospects, and having ungodly amounts of fun on a weekly basis.

Being on committee is a really rewarding experience and everyone lurrrvesss it plus it looks fab on your resume.
If you're considering running for a position make sure to submit a form to the MESS office, come to the AGM and make a speech or presentation or improvised dance or whatever floats your boat.
The only catch is that it must be under 1 minute long! (stick to these times or we will play the Oscar's song and boot you off the stage)

~Positions to be elected~

Academic Vice President*
Social Vice President*
Careers Guide Coordinator
Major Events Coordinator x 2
Camps and Sports x 2
Activities (BBQ) Coordinator x 2
Assistant Treasurer
Academic Rep x 2
Marketing Coordinator
General Rep x 2

* Executive Position - must have already been on committee for 1 year