1 year ago

15 March, 2017

Monash Biomed Society

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Biomedical Society

Biomed Babes!

We're on the prowl for 4 rowdy jiff jaffs to join our sexy Biomed Committee. Your role will include having one of the greatest years of your life to date, along with all the committee perks, especially for those of you interested in a position on committee next year.

This year we are also introducing a new position ASSISTANT ACADEMICS! This role will entail helping our academic's officer (Tom Freeman) with all the academic events throughout the year. To apply for this position you must be in at least your second year of biomed, and it is encouraged that you have another year of biomed after this year as it as assistant role and may potentially lead into the academics role.

We are super short on time so everyone will get a minute each MAX and we won't be having any powerpoints or anything so GET CREATIVE!

Please note these positions are decided by weight of numbers and can only be voted on by BIOMED MEMBERS. We will also be serving up pizza for lunch :) Location to be confirmed, so stay tuned!

Looking forward to seeing y'all there,

Love from your very sexy and seductive Biomed Committee