2 years ago

16 March, 2016

21 Col / E2 Lecture Theatre

Organised by:
Engineering Students Society

Calling out to all our new Jaffys and our beautiful members!!

MESS is holding its annual EGM and we would love everyone to come down, check out the club & jaffys, and vote for our 2016 first year representatives plus a minor activities position.

MESS has an opening on committee for two first year boys and two first year girls to join. If you are interested please come and pick up a nomination form from our office later this week. Any first year student interested in applying is more than welcome to.
The nomination form needs to be handed in (can be found at the MESS Office) and then each nominee will need to prepare a short, ONE MINUTE speech/poem/presentation/film/illustration/bribe/interpretive dance/anything you want, to convince everyone as to why they should be voted in as First Year Rep.
remember... ONE MINUTE!!!!

WE ALSO HAVE A POSITION OPEN FOR A BBQ COORDINATOR. This is open to anyone who ISN'T in first year and we encourage anyone and everyone to apply. This position involves organising everything that happens on a BBQ day (meat, drinks, BBQS etc.). The successful applicant will be working with another current committee member who is in the same position.

Any potential nominees, please be aware that any committee position comes with an extra workload, so please only nominate yourself if you are willing to work hard.

Even if you are NOT running for this wonderful position, please come down, vote for your friends, and did we mention …..

FREE PIZZA & DRINKS!!!!!!!!!!!

So nominate yourself if your interested, bring your friends down for support and have a say in who will be representing you this year!

See you there!!