2 years ago

24 March, 2016

Notting Hill Hotel

Organised by:
Engineering Students Society

The time has come for another Easter break, which means another Good Friday and most importantly another event at the Nott, 'Nott Comm'. Although this year Good Friday eve will not be 'Nott Comm', instead it will be 'not Nott Comm' due to Jesus deciding to die early this year, apparenlty too early for Comm Ball.
Which is great news because now we have 'not Nott Comm' and 'Nott Comm' all in one semester. So:
Not attending Comm Ball? Come to 'not Nott Comm'.
Attending Comm Ball? Come to 'not Nott Comm'.

What is 'not Nott Comm'? Well firstly it's not Comm Ball. It's more of a Comm Ball for the Nott. So the idea is simple:
Come to Uni suited/dressed up, come to messy pots and we’ll kick on, to you guessed it, the Nott.
We're running our launch BBQ for cocktail night that day so come by for free beer, cider, soft drinks and all your BBQ usuals. Make sure you grab a ticket for Cocktail night too!!
Would suggest not coming in your best attire as it could be damaged, altered or lost :) So get raiding your local op shop.

"Not Nott Comm is an event not to miss" Knott