1 year ago

18 March, 2017

Flagstaff Gardens

Organised by:
Association of Debaters

Whether you're a 9th year hack, or a fresh face at ~MAD~, are you ~crazy~ keen to meet new friends at your friendly debating club?

Are you ~wildly~ excited for free food (vege and vegan options included) and drink (fancy European cocktail recipes will disguise the Aldi wine)??

Are you ~insanely~ eager to head to kick ons in a bar conveniently close to the picnic, after banging park games such as twister, frisbee and the donut game???

If yes to any of the above questions, then come down to the BBQ area of Flagstaff Gardens on Saturday 18th March.

And if any of the above puns felt too excessive, if the trope of rhetoricals at the start of event descriptions is too tired, or if you have any dietary requirements and plan on coming please contact us through Facebook!