3 years ago

21 August, 2015

Zagame's Hotels - Official

Organised by:
Choral Society

Every year MonUCS members, both past and present, come together to celebrate....us. The fabulous group of people that MonUCS is!
(As well as a few non-members! They are more than welcome!!)

For those of you new to MonUCS, Annual dinner is a chance for us to dress up (or dress ridiculously...or both), make some speeches, toast, sing some songs and eat delicious food!

To go along with the Gondoliers, we've picked the slightly Venetian theme of a Masquerade!
You can take whatever twist on this theme you wish. Anything from ball gowns and tuxedos, to jeans, corsets and onesies are appropriate - as long as you wear a mask!

$35 - Freshers (if this is your first year in MonUCS!)
$45 - Student/Concession
$55 - Full

This includes a delicious three course meal and free soft drink from the bar!
You can also purchase your own alcoholic beverages.

Please fill out the RSVP form here as soon as possible, especially if you have dietary requirements