1 year ago

15 March, 2017

Monash Wholefoods

Organised by:
Progressive Law Network (Melbourne East Branch)

This year, the LSS will be teaming up with the Progressive Law Network (PLN) on March 15, 2017 to launch a number of new & exciting elements pertaining to social justice.

As a keynote speaker of the event, Ms Katharine Brown, lawyer at Victorian Government Solicitors' Office, will be discussing her role at VGSO and as Chair of the Young Liberty for Law Reform (YLLR).

This event celebrates the launch of the following:

1. The Social Justice & Equity Guide - This annual guide is a valuable resource for students who wish to participate in volunteering within their community. The Guide provides snapshots of different Community Legal Centres, Internships & Graduate positions available to students and focuses on areas of social justice. This Guide is tailored to law students who want to make a difference.

2. The Reasonable Observer - A new online space which publishes student opinions and other articles surrounding social interest. The Reasonable Observer is new this year, and we encourage you to contribute any pieces/art works you think may be relevant. Whether it is an essay as part of your LLB/JD/Arts studies or a drawing or painting - please send it through to us to have your say and get published! Make sure you like The Reasonable Observer's Facebook page to stay up-to-date with current news updates and new article posts as well as interviews of lawyers and professionals.

3. Mental Health Officer Role within the PLN: For the first year ever, a Mental Health Officer has been appointed to run alongside the other committee members of the PLN. The Mental Health Officer will assist other committee members with events to help generate attention to the threats of depression & anxiety within the legal sphere. Furthermore, the Officer will act as a point of contact for students who are having a difficult time who may just need someone to talk to.