2 years ago

2 January, 2016

Sandringham Beach

Organised by:
Choral Society

Happy Summer MonUCS!

The social events are about to start rolling in, and what better way to kick it all off than with a beach day!
Some of you may be familiar with the infamous "beach trip" in the MonUCS history books (if not, I'd recommend chatting up one of our oldies).
While this event isn't nearly as far away, "glamorous", or long; it will still involve all of the best bits! Good company, sunshine (fingers crossed), and some ocean water!

The Details!
This event officially kicks off at 3pm, and we'll be meeting at the stretch of beach just opposite the station and shops. Feel free to make plans on this page to meet up earlier if you are super keen, or join us later if you have work/too hot/busy etc.

There are plenty of shops in the area for when dinner time rolls around - fish and chips anyone? Parking is available (though it might be a bit of a walk if you don't want to pay!). If you are taking PT, it's a short walk from (shocker) Sandringham station, which is (again, shocker) at the end of the Sandringham line.

Don't forget all your beach gear! I will start a lifts thread on the event page.

Ps - WATCH THIS EVENT. If the weather looks like it's going to be poor, an alternate plan will be posted here the night before :)