1 year ago

9 March, 2017

R6, Rotunda - Monash Clayton

Organised by:
Monash International Affairs Society

Join us for the first Mini-MUN of the semester! If you’re curious as to what Model UN is about, this a great opportunity for first-time delegates to try MUN in a low-key, relaxed environment. No prior experience is required and rules of procedure will be explained at the beginning of the session.

There will be free food - pizza and drinks to accompany the compelling debates. We will also be guiding you on the proper procedures to Model United Nations.

For more information about the topic, please see the Briefing Paper

Committee - European Union (EU)
Topic - Modern Slavery

In the light of the mass movement of migrants out of the Middle East and into Europe, French Police, alongside their German and Italian counterparts, have discovered an extensive slavery ring that has operated with impunity across the continent for at least the past 5 years. A broad majority of these ‘modern slaves’ are alleged to be refugees that have fled conflict in Iraq, Syria and Libya, with some experts claiming as many as 70% of European slaves are refugees and migrants.

The Member States of the European Union are expected to meet on the 9th of March to diplomatically discuss how to put an end to this violation of human rights.

COUNTRY MATRIX: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZXrimiP3jC2kdv202Bmwo4SHQo3P5p05u_exjFb8BfM/edit?usp=sharing