3 years ago

22 September, 2015

Lecture Theatre S6 Monash University

Organised by:
Biomedical Society

It was once said that “learning to choose is hard. And learning to choose well is harder”. So why don’t you let the Monash Biomed Society help you out.

This year, we will be hosting the inaugural “Biomed Electives Information Afternoon”, a two hour event filled with all the information you need to pick the right second and third year electives, from the people you want to hear from most – the unit coordinators.

Giving you a firsthand look at what each biomed elective entails, this information session will not only provide information on the electives you’ve heard of, but also the ones you might not have known existed. Representatives from all the respective Biomedical Science Departments will be present, including:

- Physiology
- Microbiology
- Immunology/ Human pathology
- Genetics
- Developmental Biology and Anatomy
- Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
- Pharmacology
- Biomedical Sciences (BME and research units)

In true Biomed fashion, we will also be providing pizza (vegetarian options incl.) for you to nibble on while you make your big decisions.

Hope to see you all in S6 from 4pm!

Your sexy Biomed Committee xoxo