2 years ago

22 August, 2016

Seoulia BBQ Buffet Restaurant

Organised by:
Korean Students Association

Roll Up, Roll Up! KASA’s got your back with another round of UNLIMITED Korean Barbeque!

At only $32 for Members and $40 for Non-members, this is not only a feast for your stomach but a saving for your wallet too!
***EARLY BIRD Members only deal***
Buy 4 member tix save $5 off your transaction! But only until Monday 15th of August!
You can also buy membership for $2 with MSA and $7 Non-MSA for more future discounts :D
BUT you better hurry, ticket sales WILL end on Wednesday 17th of August so look out on our page for more information on when we are selling tickets or message our page!

Have you ever wanted copious amounts of meat all to your liking? Wanted to feast on the best of Korean food with unlimited time? Bring along your friends, because KASA is offering all that you have ever dreamed of!

Coming back with an encore surprise, KASA’s biggest event is back this semester. With not only Unlimited meat BUT with unlimited sides and TIME! Save your belly for this night, bring along your friends and have a good time!

We will have the BEST of the BEST of Korean food including:
UNLIMITED refills of food including:
- Beef Bulgogi
- Pork Bulgogi
- Chicken Bulgogi
- Pork Belly
- Thinly Sliced Angus Beef
- UNLIMITED side dishes of salad and Kimchi
- And for dessert there is an ICECREAM BAR
In addition...
- Tteokbokki (떡볶이) stirfried spicy rice cake
- Kimbap (김밥) korean style sushi
- Jap chae (잡채) stirfried sweet potato noodles
- Mandu (만두) dumplings

Ditch the cheeky nandos, come to KASA’s KBBQ Extravaganza for a more than cheeky time ;)
You might even find some pokemon along the way ;)

So join us in a night you won’t forget. Time is of the essence, but who said we ever followed the rules ;)