1 year ago

2 March, 2017

FMAA Monash

Organised by:
Financial Management Association of Australia (FMAA)

FIRST YEAR STUDENTS: What are the next steps you want to take? Which industry should you consider? What areas do you want to get into in the future? What even is Uni? If you’re at a loss on what to do or if you’re looking for more connections with people who have done it all in university, then this is the program for you. Meet like-minded peers and mentors and get fast-tracked access to events such as the Financial Services Evening held at our University of Melbourne campus. Applications for mentee positions are open to undergraduate students in their first year of their first degree. Apply now to get ahead of the game. Make some connections, get some insight on how university works, and get on the road to enhancing both your personal and professional journeys at university.
Apply here: https://goo.gl/forms/esTnIoo7PdrWwWu32

MENTORS: Ever had an older student give you advice that helped you out on your journey? Even if you didn’t, give back to the community and help a first year out on theirs. Mentoring presents itself as an opportunity to show employers a well-rounded individual as well as enabling students to connect with other like-minded peers. During the application process, you will be matched with a mentee that will be motivated and interested in forming a relationship with you. Mentors will be fast tracked for events such as the Financial Services Evening held at our University of Melbourne campus. Apply now to make connections and help others to enhance their personal and professional journeys.
Apply here: https://goo.gl/forms/CJIFpkKJ1TKC1q1B3

Important Dates:
- Applications close: 11:59 Friday 10th of March
- Meet the Mentor: Wednesday 15th of March
- Financial Services Evening: Tuesday 4th of April
- Program Conclusion: Thursday 19th May

Applications will be processed on a rolling basis. Feel free to contact alicia.kwo@fmaa.com.au if you have any questions.