3 years ago

3 September, 2015

Menzies Lawn

Organised by:
Society of Arts Students

Let’s keep it simple.

We’re throwing a Silent Disco. It will be groovy. Groovy cheap drinks. Lots of groovy people. Not one groovy station, not two groovy stations, but three… three groovy stations to tune in to. Oh, and yes, why am I saying groovy?… the theme: 90’s power clash – Wear you’re steeziest 90’s get up, but make sure you’re top half and bottom half have a groovy contrast. i.e: Parachute Jackets with a pair of pants that don’t match. How groovy? Very groovy.

The only thing as equally funky will be our launch. Which is sure to be as rowdy as the event with a few surprises in store, some good music and great food.

Holy Jimmity get down and diggity for a swaggy night.

Launch time: 12:00pm September 3rd
Tickets are: $25 Member or $30 non-member (includes membership)

The event page is in the following link:

Giddy’ up.