2 years ago

17 March, 2016

H1 lecture theatre (Menzies)

Organised by:
Society of Arts Students

Heyo Everyone!

Are you a super keen, friendly, hard working First Year Monash student who is looking to get involved at uni? Did you love our epic O-Week Beach Party? Did you do outrageous and hilarious things on SAS camp? Then you should think about running for SAS First Year Rep!!! It is that time of year again where we vote in our team of fresh faced and soon to be corrupted JAFFY’s* to SAS, and all our members are encouraged to come down (no matter what year!), see our potential additions, and cast their vote.

There are 6 positions available (3 boys and 3 girls) to be voted on that day. All applicants can be nominated at the beginning of the EGM, must be in First Year at Monash, and all need to prepare a short (maximum 60 seconds, we’ve only got the space for an hour so it needs to be quick!) speech/video/presentation/interpretive dance/rap/beer-skulling display/lap dance/funny story (just don't make too much of a mess of the lecture theatre) to convince us all why you should be voted in as first year rep, so start preparing now!

Anyone who is considering running, please be aware that any committee position requires an added workload on top of your academic work, so please only nominate yourself if you are willing to work hard! These are some of the roles you will be expected to undertake:

The First-Year Representatives shall

(i) represent the interest of First-Year students within the club;

(ii) assist with the everyday running of the club;

(iv) be responsible for organising an event during second semester

(v) choose a role within committee that they will ‘shadow’ in semester two.

But never fear!! Although, being a committee member of SAS is added work, it is worth every second. Simply ask any past or present committee member. It is incredibly rewarding, and you will make friends for life!

For those SASsy members who are still on the fence as to whether they should come down to vote, we will also be shouting you a…


So it doesn’t matter if you are running for a position, supporting a friend, just there to vote, or in it for the free pizza, everyone should come down to the SAS EGM!!!

*If you don’t know what this means, you are clearly eligible to be a JAFFY rep.