2 years ago

17 March, 2016

Menzies Lawn

Organised by:
Society of Arts Students

Bit too eager on your ‘milk’ order and end up with too much to finish?

Eager to take back what’s rightfully yours?!

Join your newest Uni family this Thursday to relive your fondest memories (or lack thereof), or feel free to join the rest of us trying to find them in the bottom of a ‘milk’ bottle (perhaps my memories and dignity are hiding in the same place.. ). It’s REGOONION time kids and you’d be silly not to set aside your Thursdays for some week 3 cuddles, there are even rumours of a BBQ?!? ;) (can confirm an assortment of sangas, burgers and veggie patties)

Our day’s schedule:

12pm onwards: join us for our annual EGM and help us vote in our newest 6 (3 girls and 3 guys) recruits, enjoying their hard earned election creations. (All Members can vote*) – H1 lecture theatre

2pm onwards: come celebrate a great camp and the induction of our newest committee JAFFYS at REGOONION on Menzies lawn. There will be a BBQ and follow up music in the Soffice.

Kick ons: Mozy on down with us from Monash to our token Clayton bar, ‘The Nott’, for some affordable drinks, a boogie, and classic gags.

yours truly,

SAS xoxo ✌