1 year ago

2 March, 2017

Lemon Scented Lawns

Organised by:
Engineering Students Society

Hey all!! To start off another incredibly large year with MESS come down on Thursday for our biggest BBQ of the year!! Get down to the Lemon Scented Lawn. There'll be plenty of free snags & burgs along with a few kegs set up (Who can say no to a free drink?!) and soft drink of course.

If for some crazy reason you missed out on getting a MESS membership at our O-week stall, we'll be set up to dish them out too: $10 MSA, $15 non-MSA. Some of the benefits include:
- lots of free MESS BBQ's throughout the year
- cheaper tickets to all the awesome MESS events

For all the first years who went on MESS camp, this BBQ is an awesome chance to reunite with your camp buddies and Mums & Dads and re-live all the fun times. For the later year students, you know the drill; we'll see you there!

A word of advice: leave your cars at home on Thursday morning, jump on the bus! ;)

More than likely many will be heading to the Nott after; jaffs, the loss of your Nott-ginity awaits!

Lets get this year off with an awesome start, we'll see you on THURSDAY!!