1 year ago

20 February, 2017

Monash University Clayton, Lemon Scented Lawns

Organised by:
Jewish Students' Society

Helllloooo everyone, and welcome to that time of year again!
1st year students are especially welcomed! This is your first taste at uni life :-)

Come down between the 20th and the 23rd for some good ol' banter, our classic whiteboard questions, Jswipe cut-out, free food.

When we aren't having O-week we're going to be serving:
-Falafel - Our infamous and healthy alternative to sausages
-Leadership program - Guest speakers that are prominent in both the corporate world and the j-comm will be presenting workshops and discussions
-Mentorship program - Are you an incoming first year student and want to learn the tricks and trade of uni, while getting involved in Jewish life on campus? Then this is for you!
-And plenty other crazy and exciting events all-year round

There are also free AUJS gift bags for those that sign up!
$3 membership if you have an MSA membership
$8 membership if you do not have an MSA membership

We'll also be selling AUJS PUZZA tickets which will be on Thursday the 9th of March at Cushion, 99 Fitzroy St.

Or you can buy tickets online at: https://www.ticketbase.com/events/puzza-superheros-vs-villains-vic

And remember to click attending on the facebook event at: https://www.facebook.com/events/1732148263781010/

Invite your friends to this event <3
Please message our fb page if you have any queries <3
MonJSS 2017 Exec