2 years ago

22 February, 2016

Monash Nutrition and Dietetics Society - MNDS

Organised by:
Nutrition and Dietetics

Come and join Monash Nutrition and Dietetics Society (MNDS) in 2016!

Our society aims to share our knowledge of healthy food choices between members, promote a healthy diet and lifestyle, as well as appreciate and enjoy a diverse range of nutritious foods. We run a range of social events throughout the year to foster friendships between all year levels of nutrition students, as well as with other lovers of food, health and nutrition, such as:
- Trivia night
- Annual cocktail ball
- Networking seminar

WHEN: Monday 22nd - Thursday 25th February, 2016 from 11am-3pm

WHERE: Lemon Scented Lawns, Monash Uni Clayton Campus

Annual Membership (MSA Card): $5
Annual Membership (Non-MSA): $10
+ receive a free Showbag full of nutritious food with every purchase of a membership!