2 years ago

25 September, 2016

Golden Valleys Lodge

Organised by:
Monash Taiwanese Student Association (Monash TSA Clayton)

The long-awaited MASS X MTSA ANNUAL CAMP: THE UNEXPECTED will be held on September 25 - 27! Join us for a thrilling and fun getaway during the mid-semester break! Use this opportunity to take a break from the assessments and stress from uni!

There will be FREE transportation by bus to the venue, COUPLE & DRINKING games, UNLIMITED alcohol and a professional photographer and DJ! You will also have FREE ENTRY to the after party event at Bonds on 30th september!

We will also be having fun activities such as a campfire, flying fox, archery, giant swing and many more games!

Don't forget to dress up to the MURDER MYSTERY theme :D Ideas could include: police, detectives, murderers and dead bodies! Let your imagination run wild!

Grab your friends and purchase your tickets at the MTSA or MASS booth in Building S!

Expect the unexpected. Anything could happen.

一年一度的MASS X MTSA聯合宿營THE UNEXPECTED 即將在9/25-9/27舉行,如果想要一個充滿驚喜和樂趣的期中假期,就趕快來參加吧!保證你積年累月的疲勞和壓力都會通通煙消雲散!
同時,這次的營隊不只要你打破害羞的框架,更要你解放自己的想像力,這次的主題是MURDER MYSTERY,像警察、偵探、殺手甚至是屍體都是不錯的變裝方向,當然,一定還有更富創意的裝扮,等待你的詮釋!
還不趕快叫上你的親朋好友一起來參加這次的營隊,參加的門票在Building S!的
LOCATION: Golden Valley Lodge, Mornington
DATE: September 25th - 27th
PRICE: $145 Members; $165 Non-Members
THEME: Murdery Mystery
DRESS CODE: Bloody Red