2 years ago

19 May, 2016

Peninsula Hot Springs

Organised by:
Overseas and Exchange Club (MOVE)

Week 11 got you stressed out? Feel like procrastinating instead of exam prep? Join MOVE as we relax in style at the Peninsula Hot Springs, located in the lovely Mornington Peninsula.

We will begin our trip with a picturesque drive down to Rye/Rosebud, where we will stop for a delicious Italian dinner. Following that, we will continue onto the Hot Springs, the only natural mineral springs in Victoria. We will spend two hours bathing in the mineral rich thermal waters, before returning to Monash University.

Don't forget to bring your bathers, sandals and two sets of towels (your first towel will get wet when you move from pool to pool, so you'll want another one to dry off with at the end!)

Tickets will be $60 for members and $65 for non-members. This includes transportation, dinner and entry into the Hot Springs. You can sign up to be a MOVE member on the day.

Registration will open at 4pm outside Robert Blackwood hall. The bus will leave at 4:30pm on the dot. We expect to be back at Monash Clayton at 10pm.