2 years ago

6 September, 2016

Monash Wholefoods

Organised by:
Overseas and Exchange Club (MOVE)

Hey MOVErs,

Being back at uni getting you down? Settling in harder than you expected? Wanna meet some new people? Just want a free coffee, tea or hot chocolate? ☕☕☕

MOVE Coffee Club is starting for the semester! That means if you bring yourself and your pretty little MOVE Membership card down to Wholefoods Café (Campus Centre) between 2pm and 3pm any Tuesday of the semester you can grab a barista-made coffee, tea or hot chocolate on MOVE! Come and find the MOVE logo, show us your membership card, and we'll give you a voucher to redeem at the counter.

It’ll also be a great opportunity to get to know other MOVErs in a quieter/more relaxed setting or have a chat about things which you might want some advice or other opinions on! Think of Coffee Club like catching up with friends you haven’t even met yet.

If you still need to buy a membership, don't stress, you can do that on Tuesday as well! Memberships are $5 for MSA members or $10 for non-MSA. And if you came to Healesville you can come and collect your membership card.

See you on Tuesday!