2 years ago

11 March, 2016

Licola Wilderness Village

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A storm is brewing on the horizon. Your eyes dart desperately from left to right, searching for shelter, for protection, for a respite from this madness. You hear a whistling in the distance and instantly you flatten yourself on the ground. Moments later, the night is illuminated, even through your closed eyes, and your senses are at a disarray. Ears ringing, staggering, you pick yourself up. They are closer than ever.

Rain starts to fall, opening old wounds. Suddenly, a glimmer of hope. A purple flare has been shot up, perhaps two kilometres ahead. It shines down on you like the eye of God. A new energy creeps into your bones and your staggering turns into a trot, into a sprint. But you’re not alone. Shadows are appearing from the trees, the bushes, the tall grass. They are closing in. You drop again to the ground just as nets are thrown all around you. You crawl and realise through your exhaustion that the end is near. But you are immobilised. A foot presses cold, hard on your back. Again the night is illuminated. "Simulation over."

This March, on Friday the 11th, ASEAN invites you and your friends to test your limits. Prepare to bathe in your blood, sweat and tears.


By now, you have probably heard countless stories and legends about ASEAN Camp. Now your turn to be a part of the greatest university camp ever IS HERE.

Promising 3 hectic days and 2 unforgettable nights of unrivalled and unmatched fun and bonding, ASEAN camp has long been known as the KING of university camps, with an illustrious history to uphold this reputation. It is now up to you to join the experience.

Come down to the ASEAN stall during O-Week to secure your spot at the ASEAN Monash O-Week!
Due to high demand, there will be enforced ratio and limited spaces so first in best dressed. ASEAN camp is prioritised for first year students.


► MARCH Friday 11th – Sunday 13th

► $160 for ASEAN members
► DEPOSIT - $50
► ASEAN only accepts cash payments
► Deposits are non-refundable

Confirmed attendees will be contacted with further details at a later date.

** ASEAN's TROPIC THUNDER Boot Camp is exclusive to ASEAN members, so make sure you sign up at our stalls! **

It’s now time for YOU to join us.