2 years ago

21 April, 2016

Peninsula, Shed 14 Central Pier, 161 Harbour Esplanade, Docklands

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You stand behind the railing of the cruise ship, gazing pensively into the dark night. A salty breeze lifts the front of your hair and its cold fingers reach through the thin fabric of your formal outer garments, causing you to shiver. You turn around to face the warm glow and music of the lower deck of the ship. Pyjama clad people are everywhere, bodies against bodies; heads rising and dipping like wave crests. They’re talking, dancing, drinking: having the time of their lives. “How did I miss the memo that it was a PJ party on a boat?” You think as you trace a circle on the deck with your expensive shoes.

Suddenly, the sky is torn by a brilliant light, and a distant grumble crescendos into a roar. Rain pelts you like bullets as you run indoors. The boat begins to rock, and as you look anxiously outside, small waves seem to turn into mountains. A lurch, and your world seems to have been flipped upside down. The air is filled with a symphony of screams and objects colliding, until an almighty splash. Then silence. You open your mouth to call out, but a rush of bubbles escapes, and you instantly clamp it shut. Creeping into your head is an all-consuming blackness, and you just can’t seem to hold it off anymore…

…Strange ghostly music is playing that you can barely catch. You think that this is it, you must be dead. You slowly force your eyelids open. It’s bright. As the music gets louder, your vision swims into focus. The first thing you notice is that you're in what appears to be a huge underwater room gleaming with splendid treasures, and thronging with exquisitely dressed men and women. A handsome waiter bearing a tray of mysteriously coloured drinks sweeps past, and you absentmindedly pick one up, still spellbound by where you are.

A tap on the shoulder pulls you back into reality. “I bet you’re wondering where you are. Looks like you’ve discovered our secret. Only lasts a night though, so make the most of it.” With a nod and a wink, they were gone. Having gained a new confidence, you stride towards the music…Your head jerks up to the sound of a ship horn signalling you’re back to shore. Everyone is already disembarking. Realising you must’ve fallen asleep for most of the ride, you start to get up, but then realise that in your hand you’re holding a strange glass with coloured fluid…


This year, ASEAN invites you all to escape into a realm of underwater magic, with a night of fine dining, entertainment and festivities.
It will be a night full of FREE FLOW BEER & CHAMPAGNE, DJs, performances, photo booths and many more surprises!!

There will be plenty of prizes to be won so ladies and gentlemen, pull out your best gowns and suits and prepare yourselves for a night to remember! It will be a celebration you won't want to miss!


WHERE: Peninsula, Shed 14
WHEN: Thursday 21st April 2016
PRICES: $135 Members, $145 Non Members


----------------------------------------LINE UP INFO----------------------------------------

- PARKVILLE - Monash Parkville Le Zodiaque Cafeteria
- CLAYTON - Monash Clayton Ground Floor of Law Library
- CAULFIELD - Monash Caulfield Student Lounge Monsu Building

★ First come first serve basis
★ Form attached must be completely filled out in clear legible print writing providing any membership numbers and dietary requirements
★ Full tables of 10
★Deposits are NOT REFUNDABLE
★ Membership numbers CANNOT be used twice - all membership numbers if applicable must be correct and will be checked before granted a table

Form must be downloaded, completed and printed: http://www.aseanmonash.com.au/uploads/1/7/7/4/17743455/ball_table_form_2016.pdf

Full payments are due on the 15th and 18th of April 2016. We will be in these locations from 11am to 3pm awaiting your payments:
- PARKVILLE - Monash Parkville Le Zodiaque Cafeteria
- CLAYTON - Monash Clayton Law Library Ground Floor
- CAULFIELD - Monash Caulfield Student Lounge Monsu Building