2 years ago

21 September, 2016

Monash University, Caulfield campus, Building S, Room 2.32

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We at ASEAN like to ask ourselves, "why must all good things come to an end?"

Having first been initiated into our club at Frat Party, followed up with the survival of the trecherous Tropic Thunder Boot Camp, a well deserved rest was needed on the Snooze Cruise.

During our snooze however, we were haunted by the night- an exciting, compelling feeling drawing us to want to unlock the Secret of the Seven Seas at our annual ball. Equipped now with a bounty of memories, facing the House of Horrors was no difficult task for the ASEAN member for we used our experience and happiness to activate our spell; Starlit Soiree, summoning our guardian Rosie Ly to guide us towards the end of the journey known as Semester 1.

The dawn of our next journey known none other as Semester 2, awoke at the dusk during our Full Moon Party- symbolising the start of something new...

And now we leave the next journey with ASEAN known as 2017 in your hands. Do you want to take Uni life to the next level? Do you want to be apart of our family? Do you want to make long-lasting memories whilst developing a stellar Resume in the process through applicable skills and experiences that future employers will value? Do YOU want to have FUN?

We invite YOU, our ASEAN friends, to apply or consider joining our family soon! We are excited to see new faces and invite new people into a world of unforgettable memories and fun.


WHEN: Wednesday 21st of September
WHERE: Monash Caufield Lecture Theatre HB40
VOTERS: Only ASEAN MEMBERS can vote (we will be double checking your ASEAN Membership card! Also FREE PIZZA will be provided!


Our Director Roles

Events Director:
Works alongside our Executive team in planning, leading, organising and controlling our events. The key characteristics of an Events Director include being organised, being innovative as well as having great communication and leadership skills - if this is you, definitely apply!

Human Resources Director:
Heavy emphasis on the wellbeing of the Club. The Human Resources Directors find themselves organising bondings, conducting interviews and monitoring the family's productivity. If you have superb social skills, are known for your great advice and are a all-round people person, this is the role for you!

Public Relations Director:
The Public Relations Director does a lot of liasing between sponsors, the Executive Team, and our audience, the members. They will usually find themselves making announcements, promoting the club in unique ways and are, themselves, well-spoken. If you are extremely organised, have a keen eye for detail, would love to expand your professional network and have innovative marketing strategies, especially in this digital age, this role is calling out your name!

General Committee:
An essential part of the ASEAN Committee, the glue that holds the family together. The general committee are heavily depended upon to keep the club running. They liase with all roles within ASEAN (Executive to First Year Representative). They assist in all aspects of ASEAN. If you are new to ASEAN and want to get a further feel for what the club is all about, how it works and where your skills can be best utilised, this is the role for you!

Our Executive Roles

***Key Requirement: Must have completed at least one term within ASEAN prior to applying (either in Director Roles or as General Committee).

President/Vice President
Oversees all operations of ASEAN. Delegates responsibility to ensure a smooth running of the club, liases with our major sponsors in major event planning and liases with our Clubs & Societies regulator, Monsu. If you are a leader, a problem solver, a forward thinker, a team player, like a challenge and truly value ASEAN... we want you for PRESIDENT!

Handles all monetary aspects of the club. Keeps accurate and true records of cash inflows and outflows, creates and manages budgets for the overall club throughout the year, for our events and for each campus. If you have an eye for detail, have a solid accounting or finance background and would like to build those skills within your time here, nominate yourself for the exciting role of Treasurer!

The secretary organises committee and family meetings, prepares official meeting agendas and minutes for our Clubs regulator, assists the Presidents and Treasurers closely and heavily manage behind-the-scenes events aspects (including ticket distribution, logistics, etc). If you are a do-er and want to demonstrate your well-versed communication, organisational and logistical skills, this role will suit you best!


We will see you all soon ♥