2 years ago

6 October, 2016

S2, 16 Rainforest Walk, Monash Clayton

Organised by:
Christian Union

Following the interest in our first debate, the Monash Clayton Christian Union is pleased to invite you to our second event for 2016:

Has Science Removed the Need for God?

The speakers will be:

Dr. Chris Mulherin (for the Christian perspective) & A/Prof Chris Wright (for the Rationalist perspective)

Here's how the night will run:

Over the course of the evening, in order to address the broader topic, Wright and Mulherin will put present their views on, and discuss the following questions:

1. Does the natural order point us to God?
2. Should scientists believe in miracles or prayer?
3. Is the human mind better explained by a theistic or materialistic approach?
4. Do we need God to explain our existential need for purpose and meaning?

As part of the discussion for each question, Mulherin and Wright will be answering your questions! Send them in PRIOR* to the event, to:


Please keep your question/s limited to the scope of the four listed above. We can't promise all questions will be answered**, but will try our best. All submitted questions will be kept anonymous.

*aka now!
**If your question doesn't get answered, Mulherin and Wright are both sticking around afterwards so you can chat then.


Time: 7pm - 9pm (Doors at 6:30)

Date: 6/10/2016 (Thursday Week 10)

Location: Building S2 - Monash University Clayton Campus


Dr. Chris Mulherin has a background in engineering, philosophy of science and theology. He is an Anglican minister and is also Executive Officer of ISCAST–Christians in Science and Technology, which is made up of Christian research scientists and others. Chris's doctorate was on the relationship between scientific and other forms of knowledge. He has published academic and popular articles about science and faith; he has also made Radio National feature programs and blogged on the Global Atheist Convention for the ABC.

A/Prof Chris Wright is the Monash University Academic Director of Clinical Programs within the Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (Honours) Program (MBBS). He has over 30 years of experience in the private and public health systems; working in the Intensive Care Unit at Southern Health for over 20 years, including the last six as director. Chris has continued to further his knowledge of the sciences, completing a Science Graduate Diploma (Physics), as well as a Summer Research Project with the Monash School of Physics.