1 year ago

21 October, 2016

Monash Wholefoods

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To celebrate the semester that has been we will be hosting a BBQ on the last day of semester (21st October at 5pm.. so a pre-dinner really!) to coincide with our EGM. Also, we would like to inform everyone that a few positions on committee will be vacant after this year , so if you ever considered being part of a vibrant and growing society, then definitely watch this space! The positions on offer include:

-Operations Coordinator

See below for a more detailed descriptions of the role and if you are interested, please contact us on permaculture@monashclubs.org

#1 TREASURER: The duties of the Treasurer are as follows: A good opportunity for someone interested in accounting or financial matters in general and a very important role for our community garden.

- attend commitee meetings and general meetings
-Keep the financial books in order in accordance with the requirements of C&S
-collect and bank all income in the clubs bank account;
-prepare the clubs financial books for audit every 6 months
-submit a financial report at an Annual general meeting
-liase with C&S on any financial requirements
-seek out and apply for internal (Monash Unviersity) and external awards and grants, or delegate this task.

#2 OPERATION COORDINATOR: Key member aiding a collective membership base come to consensus in decisions regarding seasonal tasks and events around the communal gardens, whilst contributing creatively and participating in their own food security".

The duties of such a role would include as per constitution (4.1.8).

-Attending committee meetings and general meetings.

-Assisting treasurer and secretary with communicating transparently to the collective members financial summaries, meeting agenda's and minutes
-Helping with facilitation of workshops, working bee's or delegate task to appropriate member or working group.