2 years ago

2 May, 2016

46 Exhibition Walk (Rotunda, R4), Monash University

Organised by:
Engineers without borders

EWB Monash invites you to join our 2016 committee as Treasurer.

This OGM, we will be looking for an astute and committed individual to fulfil the role of chapter treasurer, an increasingly important role in our efforts to operate transparently. This role enables you to be a part of the EWB Monash Exec team and requires you to report directly to the chapter president and liaise directly on financial matters with EWB Australia, EWB Victoria and MSA. Time commitment is varied but can be averaged to 1-2 hours a week.

In addition, we invite you to join our 2016 PCSC Team:

Pathways and Careers to Social Change will be a day conference in late August 2016 that will be co-hosted by EWB Monash, Monash SEED and MIDP Society with the support of WhyDev and an academic from the School of Social Sciences among others. It sees the coming together of organisations and individuals working to pursue positive impact in their own field and serves to highlight the various different opportunities available to students. This event is multidisciplinary and emphasises the importance of diversity, collaboration and multidimensional thinking about careers and pathways. In 2015, PCSC was a speakers night that saw 4 different panel sessions made up of a total of 14 different organisations: non-profits, social enterprises, corporates, lawyers and designers, all sharing their stories about how they were using their particular skills to do positively impactful work. The event has a strong focus on breaking down the barriers and stereotypes about what sort of work your degree lets you do.

In 2016, EWB Monash is extending this experience to a full-day conference that is interactive and thought-provoking, looking at the different ways change can be implemented and making this an experience to talk about for Monash students. EWB Monash is looking specifically for a handful of students with skills in logistics, event planning, marketing and design, and overall passionate about using their skills to make a difference and inspire others to do so. Planning and execution will be highly focused, interdisciplinary, to a strict timeline and budget and involve high demand for good and timely communication. If interested, you are invited to express interest via the form below! Due to capacity constraints, only select candidates will be contacted.

Link to PCSC Form: http://goo.gl/forms/B2RvmQz4uZ

Note: If you are interested in attending this OGM and are not a member, it is free to sign up. Just email ewb@monashclubs.org for more details!