2 years ago

15 October, 2016

Central One Lecture Theatre, Monash University, Clayton

Organised by:
Engineers without borders

EWB Monash and MonashSEED are proud to announce that Pathways and Careers for Social Change is back in 2016! This year PCSC is bigger, bolder, and just as inspiring.

Join the discussions that influence how you create change! Visit: www.pcscmonash.com

PCSC 2016 is day student-conference, with three thought-provoking forums, light refreshments provided and a networking session at the end of the day. The three forums covering a wide range of social change issues are:
- Purposeful innovation: How, what, who and why?
- Change Through Economic Means
- Sustainable Development in a Developed Nation: SDGs in Australia.

Here are just some of the speakers we have:

* Robert Gillies, National Young Australian of the Year Finalist and Social Entrepreneur
* Buzz Palmer, Monash University Director of Entrepreneurship and CEO at STC Australia
* Julie Gibson, HITNET Director of Business & Technology
* Tony Sennitt, Diamond Energy Australia Managing Director
* Brendan Rigby, WhyDev Co-Founder
* Nicholas Gruen, CEO of Lateral Economics and Chair of The Australian Centre for Social Innovation
* Rob Macgauren, Founder of MSG Architects and Steering Committee Member of Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute
* Shirin Malekpour, Interdisciplinary Research Coordinator at Monash Sustainable Development Institute
* Tim Brosnan, Commercial Manager at VisionFund
* Kartik Iyer, Operations Manager (IIRF) at Impact Investing Australia
* Michael Jennings, Representative from Pollinate Energy
* Rita Nehme, Co-Founder of Steer North

Unlike other university industry events, PCSC aims to educate and inspire students like you and me to work in organisation creating positive change, or start our own work as social entrepreneurs - and thus continue the movement of using skills and degrees for positive social impact!!

All our attendees also get:
- A promotional code for FREE SHIPPING on all orders of $50 from Inspirationery. Check them out at: http://www.inspirationery.co/
- Automatic entry into our raffle to win a $10 gift voucher from Knick Knack Collections. Check them out at: https://www.knickknackcollections.com/collections

The event will provide an amazing platform for students to discover opportunities never before considered, as well as an exciting chance to boost their Industry Network.