2 years ago

17 March, 2016

16 Rainforest Walk, S12

Organised by:
SEED SocioEconomic Engagement and Development

Hello SEEDlings new and old,

You are cordially invited to our first official event of the year! Come along to hear a bit more about Monash SEED and what we have planned for this exciting year.

We will also be hosting an EGM/Ordinary General Meeting (doesn’t that sound exciting!), so come and hear a bit more about us and vote in our soon-to-be official Executive team!

This event will be held on Thursday 17th of March and will feature FREE FOOD - if that’s not reason enough to come along we don’t know what is!

At the OGM, there will be an election for all executive committee positions:
- President
- Vice President
- Treasurer
- Secretary
- Director of Social Enterprise
- Director of Microfinance

To be eligible to vote or run for the committee, you must be a Clayton student and have been a member of SEED for at least five days at the time of the meeting.

To run for a position, you must attend the OGM, and you will require one club member to nominate you and another member to second your nomination. If there are two or more candidates running for a position, each candidate will be required to present a speech before the vote. The Returning Officer will decide the time limit for each speech, and how many questions (if any) will be accepted from the floor to each candidate.

The successful candidate will be elected by plurality (first past the post) vote at a secret ballot, except where there are only two candidates for a position, in which case the club may resolve to vote by a show of hands.

We hope you can make it and help us plant the SEED for a great year!


The SEED team