2 years ago

14 March, 2016

L1 Lecture Theatre, Law building, 15 Ancora Imparo Way

Organised by:
Physics Astro and Maths

Come along and celebrate Pi day! We will have pizza, sweet pies, tarts with pi written on them and best of all, the one, the only: Burkard Polster - mathemagician of Monash University and member of SPAM will be attending! He has some awesome demonstrations lined up for us but he wants to keep the mystery, even I don't know what they are!

We will also be having a Pi recital competition. Can you name the most digits of pi in correct order? If you can, you win a SPAM t-shirt!

This is sure to be an event full of maths fun and glorious food.


Location: L1 lecture theatre, Law building, 15 Ancora Imparo Way
Time: 12:00-1:00 pm
Date: 14/3/2016 (of course) - This coming Monday!