2 years ago

23 March, 2016

Kenneth Hunt Garden - next to the Hargrave Library

Organised by:
Physics Astro and Maths

It's week 4, we know things are starting to get a bit crazy. So come down and get some free food and drinks. We have sausages, burgers, hashbrowns, bubble and squeak, beer, cider and soft drink!

We will be running our OGM at the start. We need to elect a general representative. A general representative is a committee member who does not have a set portfolio but helps the committee with running and planning events and other duties the committee sees fit. This is a wonderful way to gain experience in being part of a team, it will be great for your resume and will be an excellent stepping stone to executive positions in the future if you wish to pursue that.

We will also be selling t-shirts at the event and if you are not a member of SPAM then you can sign up on the day. Sadly since we are still waiting on the trivia night venue to be confirmed we will not be selling trivia tickets. Hopefully they will get back to us soon and it will be all sorted by the time uni starts back up again in week 5. At the moment, we hope to be running it in week 6 or 7.