2 years ago

9 October, 2016


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Shakespeare Company


The Monash Shakespeare Company's Project Proposals are now open for 2016! We are extremely excited to present new opportunities to our members and to further pursue our goals as a company. This year's proposals will close on the 23rd OF OCTOBER AT 5 PM.

We look to programme a diverse range of artistic proposals related to Shakespeare and his contemporaries – traditional performance; beat poetry; new works in meter; devised works; developments; live performance games; new uses of technology to enhance or improve access to Shakespeare – the list is endless, and all ambitious proposals are welcome.

In 2016, we are looking to expand on this creative vision, and are offering a number of ways to get involved with the company, in no particular order:

a) A full-scale production, with 100% of the budget provided by the Company and presented in our name. Please see below for helpful questions that will help inform the content of your submission.

b) A development of a work, which could take any form across different media, suitable to the Company’s interests. As every project is unique, the exact nature of the development process must be made to suit it. If you believe you have a work you'd like to explore or experiment with, let us know and through discussion with the committee, it can be determined if your work is suitable to the Company's aims and furthermore how it may be achieved.

c) A co-production with another theatrical company (preferably with an established interest in Shakespearean or similar works, although not essential), that is willing to assist with funding and would share in advertising and revenue. We are happy to entertain offers from companies, or individuals willing to link us with another company.

d) A sponsorship arrangement, where the MSC would provide limited financial assistance (to be negotiated) towards a proposed production. Things to consider might include the involvement of MSC members, the promotional or financial advantage to be gained by the company, the ways in which the sponsorship money will be used etc.

PLUS more opportunities all round, so please get excited and get involved. If you have an idea that doesn't fit into these catagories, please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss it.

For more information please see our detailed proposal guidelines, which are available via email at the address below - just ask!

Look forward to hearing all your fasinating ideas!

The Monash Shakespeare Committee