2 years ago

11 August, 2016

Monash University Religious Centre

Organised by:
Hindu Society

From the club that brought you Garba Night, we’re here to once again kick start Discussion Classes for Semester 2!
MUHS presents Discussion Classes, a place to (not only enjoy FREE PIZZA) but to learn about the ideals Hinduism is based on and learn how to apply them to the sometimes complicated uni life. You’ll learn how to be in touch with your spirituality, as well as techniques that will help your wellbeing.
We’re going to hone in on a specific, yet general, topic every time we met. Discussions will vary immensely, from talking about the existence of God, to yoga, and everything in between!
Remember, we encourage everyone (not just Hindus) to attend!
5:30-6:30 PM
RELIGIOUS CENTRE (close to Campus Centre)

Come down this week, where old meets new, where tradition meets PIZZA and where we meet you!

If you have any questions, hit one of our reps up:
Shamron Singh
Manini Bhatia
Samhitha Dayanand
Pruthvic Patel
Sanjannah Thyriar
Ishan Gunawardena
Maya Patel
Prakriti Sood
Apoorv Kansal
Shiv Arivalakan
Tanvi Gokhale
Apoorva Manjunath
Rohan Arora
Saranya Srinivasan