2 years ago

7 April, 2016

L1 15 Ancora Way (Law Building)

Organised by:
Progressive Law Network (Melbourne East Branch)

PLN is thrilled to bring you our first alternative law seminar for 2016 focusing on Animal Law, titled Animal Personhood: Tommy’s case and legal personality as (in)visibility in law, presented by Joanna Kyriakakis, who runs the Animal Law Elective at Monash Clayton.

In the United States, the NonHuman Rights Project have instigated a series of habeas corpus claims (meaning ‘you have the body’), on behalf of certain chimpanzees in private detention, seeking their release to animal sanctuaries. The seminar will involve an analysis of whether chimpanzees satisfy the critera of a legal person, the ramifications of this status and the overarching implications on the welfare of animals.

All are welcome to attend, and a free pizza lunch will be provided for members afterwards. Vegetarian options will be provided, for more strict dietary requirements just shoot us a message and we'll accommodate accordingly!
For those of you yet to purchase membership, you'll be able to purchase on the day for $5 MSA and $10 without, and we've still got plenty of showbags left over from O week which all new members will receive!

Hope to see you all there!