2 years ago

10 May, 2016

23 College Walk (Building 60) EH4 (http://lostoncampus.com.au/34738)

Organised by:
Progressive Law Network (Melbourne East Branch)

PLN is thrilled to introduce Shatha Hamade, a lawyer who is a former prosecutor for the RSPCA and is now the Head of Investigations for Animals Australia.

She’s passionate about advocating for animal rights and challenging social conditioning when it comes to the way we treat our fellow earthlings.

We will be hearing about her experience with specific cases, including relating to the Live Export Trade.

We would encourage everyone to come along - it's sure to be a fascinating tale of how she began her initial non-legal career before specifically choosing to pursue a law degree and career in response to her growing horror at recent animal rights abuses in the community and media.
Read more about her career to date here;

We will also be holding our Ordinary General Meeting, with main points of business being some constitutional changes and electing any new general representatives that want to get involved (message us if you do and are yet to let us know!)

As always, complimentary vegan and vegetarian pizza will be provided - hope to see you all there!