2 years ago

4 August, 2016

Lady Cutler Melbourne Showboat

Organised by:
Chinese-Australian cultural community

Congratulations! You’ve finally made it passed the first semester of the year!
Let’s continue with the celebrations and SET SAIL towards another semester ahead! As we begin to settle into the groove of the new semester, let’s enjoy the limited time we have BEFORE all those assignments and mid-sems hit!

MCCC brings you #TBT BOAT CRUISE, where we want you to showcase the reminiscent past!! Whether you want to come dressed up in your high school swagger, or as an icon from the “good ol’ days”, come ROCK THE BOAT with your creative outfits!!

To make this night an unforgettable one, we’re giving every patron a free drink for the night to keep the good vibes flowing!!
There is also going to be FREE FOOD to keep you satisfied and a PHOTOBOOTH so you can capture all your favourite memories! Not to mention theres going to be CHEAP DRINKS throughout the WHOLE NIGHT!!

So what are you waiting for?? Go dig up your old SCHOOL UNIFORM or start shopping for a #TBT OUTFIT! ♥


Thursday, August 4th!

Berth 14 Central Pier, Docklands VIC 3008

Arrive at 7:00PM to ensure a 7:30PM departure!
Boat docks back @11:30PM.

$25 for Members OR $35 for Non-Members