2 years ago

6 October, 2016

Lawson Room, Rm201, 22 Alliance Lane

Organised by:
Society of Chemical Engineers

Well, everyone, it's been a fun, action packed year, but unfortunately, the time has come to say farewell to the 2016 committee.
We ask that people try to contain themselves- there will plenty of time for tears during exams.

This AGM we'll be giving you all a rundown of the year past and of course, electing a new committee for the year to come!

The positions open are:
Executive Positions:
Social VP
-organises social events (including SMUCE Ball and Trivia Night!)
Academic VP
-organises GroupUp, SSLM and unit feedback, liaises between students and staff
Industry VP
-organises the SMUCE Careers Guide, Industry Seminars, Vac Work Day as well as any other industry based networking events, site visits

Student Representatives: represents the interests of their respective year levels
3 x 2nd Year Representatives
3 x 3rd Year Representatives
3 x 4th Year Representatives
Diversity Representative- represents the interests of international students and other diverse groups

More detailed information about the positions can be found in the SMUCE constitution as linked below.

There are also some requirements to being elected in the constitution as follows.
A person shall be eligible to be a club office bearer, or be elected a club office bearer, if s/he is:
(i) currently enrolled in at least one subject within the Department of Chemical Engineering at Monash University, Clayton. Of the subjects a representative is studying, a majority must be from the year that they are representing.;
(ii) An ordinary member of at least 5 days’ standing; and
(iii) a student.

So if you'd like to run for a position and are somehow (ahem) not a member yet, pop down to the Smoffice sometime before Week 10 and we'll get you signed up. Don’t forget if you attended the SMUCE Ball you got a free membership!

All candidates are asked to give a quick 30-second speech about themselves and why people should vote for them.

The election running order will be as follows:
(i) President
(ii) Academic Vice President
(iii) Industry Vice President
(iv) Social Vice President
(v) Secretary
(vi) Treasurer
(vii) Diversity representative
(viii) Three representatives from each year (second, third and fourth)

There will, of course, be food provided to eat your GPA induced sorrows away :,)

We look forward to seeing you all there!