2 years ago

19 May, 2016

S110 Menzies

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“It is not death most people are afraid of. It is getting to the end of life only to realise that you never truly lived.”

Regrets are something none of us want to live with. And in our short lives thus far, there have been many things we just wished we could’ve done differently but didn’t. We didn’t take a chance on that relationship, didn’t chase The Dream, didn’t jump at the chance to take that once in a lifetime opportunity. If you’ve identified with this feeling of regret, don’t fret, as AIESEC is giving YOU the opportunity to take that next step and try something new.

As a global, non-profit organisation, AIESEC provides students across the globe with internship and volunteering opportunities. We believe, that through exchange, we will help young people become the next global leaders. (Meaning you don’t have to be president of the United States to make an impact.) As long as you’re prepared to make the most of the oppertunities you're presented with, you can make a difference.

So don’t do yourself a disservice by sitting out the next adventure. Take a leap of faith and brave exciting new possibilities, so when you look back at your life in 40 years you’re not plagued with regret. Go on exchange with AIESEC today.

So who are AIESEC again? What exactly do they do? How to they do whatever it is they do? To find out the answers to these questions and more join us at 1pm this Thursday.

Food and drinks will be provided

WHEN: Week 11 Thursday 1:00-3:00pm

WHERE: S110 room in Menzies