A History of Psychology

Thomas Hardy Leahey

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Principles of Behaviour Change Final Exam Notes

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Lecture Content and study notes - Weeks 8-13 Easy to follow and divided by topic :) With lots of...

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AVOID THIS UNIT There are multiple reasons why you should not take this unit 1) Content: There are 3hrs worth of lectures every week with content that is bland and recycled. You will find that these topics have been covered previously in other units. In addition, the lecturer likes to repeat topics within lectures and make them seem like a different topic when really its pretty much the same. Makes it seem like theres a lack of things to say. Terrible justification for a unit that has 3hrs worth of content every week 2) Slides Horribly organised slides. She'll talk about one topic, move on AND THEN return to that topic 20mins later. Slides are filled with information to the point where the lecturer would advise to "read them yourself." 3) Presentation skills Lecturer sounds very unconfident in the content that they are delivering. Over a while, the constant pausing, um's, ah's make it very difficult to stay on track. All in all, this unit, in its current state is definitely not worth taking at all. The workload is immense and unenjoyable and definitely does not justify 3hrs worth of lectures a week.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Course is a bit dry but the value comes in the practical application of what you learn. The presentation of the subject could definitely be improved but if you invest the time into the subject there is a large pay off for professional and personal application of course information.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

Lectures are 3 hours a week and are thoroughly unenjoyable. The lecture slides appear slapped together and contain far too much information (a lot of it seems copy and pasted from studies) A whole lecture slide deck has the appearance of a text book. Slides are out of order, are not labelled consistently and there are multiple slides for one concept i.e. a simple concept is repeated in different ways in complicated language making the concept more confusing. Most annoyingly the lecturer skips through a lot of the slides and tells us to "read this later." or skips over them and doesn't say anything at all. This makes it very hard to determine what needs to be learned and what doesn't.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017