Strategic Brand Management

Kevin Lane Keller

For sale by Jason for $60

mktg311 semester summary for exam

Written by Sassika

Summary notes for semester for final exam based on lecture, tutee and textbook notes

47 pages, 9380 words

Distinction level brand management notes

Written by Nicola

These notes are comprehensive, and cover the entire 311 course. I recieved a distinction using these...

24 pages, 6498 words


Written by Gaia

Summary of combined class notes and textbook notes, as well as extra sources provided in the course.

64 pages, 24422 words

Comprehensive MKTG311 Brand Management Unit Notes

Written by Mike

These notes thoroughly cover all weeks of Brand Management, summarising each week of content clearly...

41 pages, 5447 words

Excellent MKTG311 Brand Mgmt Notes - Received Distinction

Written by Bridget

Neat and concise summary of MKTG311 Brand Management content. Includes diagrams, images and easy to...

28 pages, 6819 words

MKTG 311: Brand Management Notes

Written by Amy

Detailed notes summarised from the required weekly readings in the prescribed textbook.

44 pages, 20371 words

MKTG311 Notes

Written by Yenfei

Comprehensive MKTG311 notes based on the prescribed textbook (Strategic Brand Management). Includes...

56 pages, 16362 words

Final Exam Notes

Written by Chrtistopher

Whole course review of notes used for final exam

60 pages, 6693 words

MKTG 311 Final Exam Notes

Written by Cecilia

Comprehensive notes based on all MKTG 311 lectures throughout the semester and corresponding dot poi...

44 pages, 20156 words


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