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HIGH Distinction AFIN270 Stochastic Methods of Finance Notes and Formulas

Written by Michael

Comprehensive study notes based on Lecture notes and important Tutorial and Homework examples and Ex...

66 pages, 4161 words


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Kenny and Kenneth took over lecture and practical duties this semester, which I guess is a great thing based on the past reviews. The unit is pretty much all about statistical techniques used in finance, with some techniques being pretty difficult but if you put the work in, you should do well. All practicals were on excel, and it was well run. Definetly a useful unit if you decide to head into quantitative finance, I found the unit surprisingly useful in my work.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

The worst unit I've studied thus far in my degree. The course is structured in a weird way that touches on many various quantitative concepts without going in any detail to understand them properly. The old reused lecture notes made by Jackie Li are shockingly bad, they are 95% notation and formulas without explanation of what they mean and what they are used for, meaning you require a somebody to translate it for you. To make it worse Yanlin the convenor does an awful job in explaining what is going on, he puts zero effort into the unit. Kenny and especially Kenneth do a great job in their tutorials fortunately, making the unit at least passable.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Not the most enjoyable unit in the finance department. Poorly organised as it seems to be an in between unit for 1st and 3rd year finance. Lecture notes are not explanatory, and lecturer for this semester was extremely lacking in teaching skills. To pass: keep ontop of the excel stuff until the mid-sem (afterwards not tested) and do the homework problems, exam questions are similar (numbers changed).

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018