2 years ago

19 February, 2016

Wentworth Falls Blue Mountains

Organised by:
Muslim Student Association (MUMSA)

She opened up her diary and caught a glimpse of today's date. Her heart sank.

How on earth was it February already?!

She vividly recalled the glorious moment when she stepped out of her final exam of the semester in November of last year. She had eagerly anticipated her 3 months of freedom from Uni.

She had an ambitious list of personal goals she intended to strive towards these holidays. She promised herself that she would make good use of her free time.

But subhanAllah the time slipped right through her fingers and before she knew it, she was staring down the barrel of another stress-inducing semester of exams and deadlines…

She became overwhelmed with exhaustion and despair. She realised she desperately needed some inspiration in her life.

She longed to be reunited with her beautiful sisters. She longed to reconnect with their uplifting and enjoyable company. To be reminded of her Protecting Friend in their presence. To reflect on her purpose. To re-ignite her motivation to strive towards personal growth.


Just as that thought crossed her mind, she noticed an invite to an upcoming MUMSA Sisters event on her Facebook newsfeed. “Turning Over A New Leaf”, it read.

A rush of excitement pulsed through her veins. An opportunity to reconnect, recharge and recalibrate. Just what she needed before the hectic Uni routine recommenced.

Perfect timing...as was always the case with His timing, she silently reflected.
“SubhanAllah wa Alhamdulilah (Glory be to Allah. All praise and thanks are to Him alone)”, she muttered.


Assalam alaykum sisters!

Holidays are slipping away and uni is fast approaching. Before we get dragged back into to craziness of Uni life, let us together embark on a journey of reflection amongst the magnificent nature of Al-Khaliq

Join us as we hike across the scenic routes of Wentworth Falls, admire the natural beauty of Allah’s creation, enjoy the company of our sisters and reflect on our goals and aspirations for the year to come.

We will meet at 9AM at Auburn McDonalds and drive together to Wentworth Falls. We will then embark on a 2.5km hike through the stunning Wentworth Falls area in shaa Allah. This will be followed by a picnic lunch (please bring a plate to share for lunch :) ), activities, fun and laughter!

This event is open to all sisters so please invite friends along. The more, the merrier. <3


WHEN: 19 February
MEET UP LOCATION: Auburn McDonalds at 9AM (Please keep in mind school zones and peak hour traffic). We will car pool and drive to Wentworth Falls together. Those of you who wish to meet us at Wentworth Falls Picnic Area at 10:30AM can do so.
LUNCH: Please bring a plate of food to share (keep in mind it should not require refrigeration or prior heating)
RSVP: 17 February to macmuslims@gmail.com or text 0401 484 072 to confirm attendance.

Please let us know:
1)Whether you are meeting us at Auburn McDonalds or Wentworth Falls picnic area
2) Whether you have a car or will require a lift.

If you have any questions, just send us a message! We hope to see you there in shaa Allah :)

It's time to turn a new LEAF, realise the HEIGHT of His majesty, and let all our worries FALL

With love,
MUMSA Sisters xoxo