2 years ago

21 April, 2016

Bicentennial Park, Homebush Bay

Organised by:
Muslim Student Association (MUMSA)

I caught a glimpse of the date. An electric rush of excitement pulsed through my veins as the sudden realisation dawned on me.

“The Blessed Guest is almost here!” I exclaimed.

The month of mercy.
The month of forgiveness.
The month of salvation.
The month of self-purification.
The month of endless blessings.

“…and I am yet to prepare for its arrival.” I reflected in disbelief.


MUMSA presents to you ‘The Blessed Guest’ – a four-part Ramadan series aimed at inspiring you to reach new heights this Ramadan.

Our first event of the series titled ‘REVIVE’ is just around the corner and is a day not to be missed. Join us as we revive the spirit of Ramadan under the open skies!

The first lecture, ‘Behind The Gate’ will give you insight into how to embark on your journey of self-purification in order to reach Al-Rayyan – the Gate of Jannah reserved only for the fasting people. Given by Shaykh Jalal Chami.

The second lecture, ‘In the Footsteps of the Beloved’ will give you the key to unlocking a successful Ramadan by drawing inspiration from the prophetic tradition. Given by Ustadh Abdullah Hakeem.

This will be followed by a reflective Ramadan goal-setting activity and an exciting Ramadan-inspired treasure hunt to get you off your feet and bring out your competitive spirit!

WHEN: Thursday, 21st of April @ 10:30-3pm
WHERE: Bicentennial Park (Homebush)
COST: Free. Brunch provided!
BRING: Note pad and pen

Sow your seed in Rajab. Nourish it in Sha’ban. Watch it blossom in Ramadan. Enjoy its Fruit in the Hereafter.