1 year ago

17 October, 2016

Macquarie University

Organised by:
Muslim Student Association (MUMSA)

I switch on the TV only to be confronted with the deafening sounds of gunshots firing. Sirens blaring. Footage of people screaming in sheer terror.

‘Scores of civilians have been killed in yet another ISIS attack”, the news anchor states in a sombre tone sending shivers down my spine.

Overcome by the recent inundation of grim world news, I switch off the TV and turn towards Facebook for some lighthearted respite.

As I scroll down my newsfeed, a headline catches my eye. “Sonia Kruger calls on Australia to stop taking Muslim immigrants,” it reads.

Perhaps the world would be a better place without Islam and Muslims I muse, plagued by a tinge of guilt for entertaining the very thought.


Hardly a day goes by without Islam and Muslims being featured in the headlines.

Violent. Oppressed. Radicalised. Backward. Irrational. Outdated. Barbaric. Good food tho… #HSPftw

It’s time we strip away the labels.

It’s time we look beyond the surface.

It’s time we delve deeper in our pursuit to understand the world’s fastest growing religion.

Introducing Islamic Awareness Week 2016…


MUMSA invites YOU to join on our quest to discover that just like the iceberg whose true size and magnificence lies beneath the shroud of water, there is more to Islam than meets the eye.


Lectures. Panel discussions. Exhibitions. Competitions. Food. Prizes. Fundraisers. Freebies. & More.

We’ve got a massive week planned. Here’s a sneak peak…

-Quran: Word of Man or God? @12pm
-Redemption Round: InterMSA Pancake Competition @10:30am

-Islam: The Key to Modern Challenges? @ 12pm
-Gelato Stall
-Brothers Table Tennis Tournament @ 11am-3pm

-Do Muslim Women Need Saving? @12pm
-Sisters Trivia, Halaqa & High Tea @ 2pm

-Creeping Sharia: Threat to the West? @ 2pm
-Charity Bake Sale

-Prophet Muhammad: Radical or Revolutionary? @ 12pm
-Sausage Sizzle

Mark the dates in your diaries and be sure drop by MQ Uni Central Courtyard from 17th – 21st October – you WON’T want to miss out!

If you’d like to volunteer for IAW, please register here: tinyurl.com/IAWvolunteers2016

In peace,
MUMSA Team 2016