1 year ago

9 November, 2016

Macquarie University

Organised by:
Muslim Student Association (MUMSA)

They sat down at the desk, laptop opened ready for a productive MUMSA meeting.

They opened up Google Docs and broke in the newest document.

They took a double take as they wrote the date, you could almost hear the faint shattering of their insides…already November?

Where did this year go!?
OH MUMSA, this year is coming to a close and what an amazing one it has been! So many amazing memories have been made but like Newton's 4th law of Motion states- all great things, must come to an end ;)

And much like the cyclical nature of life, with every ending comes a new beginning and MUMSA is no different.

Join us for MUMSA’s Farewell 2016 Breakfast, a nice chance to see each other’s pleasant moods before we all go into permanent exam tears mode. The MUMSA Annual General Meeting (AGM) will follow.

WHAT: Farewell 2016 Breakfast followed by AGM.
WHEN: Wednesday 9 November 9:30-11am
WHERE: Lindsay Room, Level 3 C10A (Campus Hub)


The AGM is for the election of the 2017 MUMSA executive team (shura) and a formal farewell of the current shura.

The MUMSA Shura Committee will consist of 10 positions which can be found in the application form.

All nominations must go through the online form. To nominate yourself, complete the form below in shaa Allah.



Note: You must be an official MUMSA member to vote. Attendees must display their student ID for their vote to be accepted.